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    Kiaki Matsuoka

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    Kiaki Matsuoka

    Post by Jade Hawk on Thu May 15, 2014 4:09 pm

    Character Bio for The Underground


    Name: Kiaki Matsuoka
    Age: 3 years old in canine years (about 23 in human years)
    Birthday:October 5th
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: None. Has attempted to find several marketplace jobs to no avail. Got caught up in a couple of street gangs in the past.
    Lives: From Hatsukaichi in Japan, now lives in the Lower residential area. Homeless and travels from building to building finding various places to sleep.
    Languages: English, Japanese, and can communicate with canines. 

    Species: Animoid
    Type: Timber Wolf
    Fur color: Mostly tans, browns, and reds
    Skin color: Very pale (due to lack of sun exposure)
    Hair (color/style):Deep red (the same red found in her fur)
    Eyes: Bright green

    About Character
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Kind of shy. Can be bossy if she needs to be but mostly an introvert
    Background: Was part of an animoid wolf pack as a pup living in  Hatsukaichi in Japan until their pack was taken over by Weres. She was forced out of the pack and lost her family. Her and a few others within the pack were forced to make their way east and landed in the US, but became separated. She has since been lone. She belongs nowhere but wants to find a place she can fit in. Now has a fear and hatred of weres.
    Prefered weapon: She prefers the use of her own jaws as a wolf, but in her human form, she likes to use daggers but does not carry weapons with her. This leaves her very vulnerable.

    Running wolf

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