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    Otherworld Empty Otherworld

    Post by Mercy on Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:09 am

    "Sometimes, I believe in up to six impossible things before breakfast."



    Six young kids once played together, the best of friends. They were young, and their imaginations were uninhibited, and their games mainly concerned both their made up world, and their own imaginary friends.

    They had such wonderful adventures then, with their six imaginary companions following too.

    But, like all children, they grew up, and most of them forgot about their games.

    They also ended up growing apart. Each fell into different crowds and stopped talking. As they reached the age of seventeen, none had had anything to do with one another.

    But they had something in common. They were having nightmares. Terrible nightmares that were keeping them awake at night, of the characters they semi-remembered, but twisted into terrible mockeries of their former selves, set out to torment them.

    One sets about to reunite the six of them together in order to face this threat, these would bring the six back to Otherworld, their imaginary realm...all now frighteningly and dangerously real.


    The Imaginaries are creatures borne of the dreams of people. They are bonded to their creators, and seek to protect them and help them. Imaginaries come in all sorts of forms, though often will gradually change to match their human. They are visible to all in Otherworld, but outside it are only visible to their human, and those they choose to reveal themselves to...if the humans wishes them to be there. They can only remain in the real world if willed to.

    In Otherworld, Imaginaries are powerful, like nobility even. They have powers, and when they work together with their creator they can accomplish wondrous things..

    The bond between a human and an Imaginary is what allows them to survive. If the human creator forgets entirely about their Imaginary the Imaginary will die. Because of this, most will eventually take a dark turn. As their creator begins to forget about them, still bonded to their Human, their affection would gradually turn into a possessive hatred, a desperation to have their human back combined with a deep and terrible contempt towards them. Their mind would alter, and so would their body, getting more twisted and terrible.

    Like a star burning out its last it would become enormously powerful, able to reach into the real world and take their human back with them...forever.


    Otherworld is the world that Imaginaries and other creatures inhabit. It was borne from the imaginations of the Six and was the setting for all their games. In the ten years it has been neglected, left to fall into corruption, and the wicked creatures that they once fought in their stories had gotten a foothold in the absence, as each imaginary became a monster.

    It is divided into seven realms, six being home to each Imaginary, and one in the centre, on that has gotten a new owner. The new King of Otherworld. The realms reflect the Imaginary they represent and as such differ greatly, and all but one are rotten and dark.


    Six young people who had once been the closest friends. Having lived on the same street, they had spent all their summers playing in a forest next to their houses. They promised back then that they would stay friends for ever and ever, but things don't always turn out as planned. They still go to the same school as one another, but they don't talk a lot. Some even vehemently dislike one another.

    1 - Female - OPEN

    • 1's Imaginary - OPEN

    2 - Female - OPEN

    • 2's Imaginary - OPEN

    3 - Female - OPEN

    • 3's Imaginary - OPEN

    4- Male - OPEN

    • 4's Imaginary - OPEN

    5 - Male - OPEn

    • 5's Imaginary- OPEN

    6 - Male -OPEN

    • 6's Imaginary - OPEN


    Dreamer Skelly:

    Otherworld (Image URL goes here (An image isn't needed, but feel free to add one if you want one in. Otherwise, you can delete this bit.)

    [size=100]Full Name:[/size]

    [size=100]Nicknames:[/size] (Anything else they might go by.)

    [size=100] Description:[/size] (How they onc were, and what they have become.)

    [size=100]Personality:[/size] (A brief outline of their demeanour.)

    [size=100]Skills:[/size] (Things they can do that set them above others.

    [size=100]Weaknesses:[/size] (Achilles' Heels that can be exploited by their enemies.)

    [size=100]Brief History:[/size] (Any notable events in their background that might have shaped them. If you don't want to reveal too much, that's fine.)

    Imaginaries Skelly:
    [size=100]Full Name:[/size]

    [size=100]Nicknames:[/size] (Anything else they might go by.)

    [size=100] Description:[/size] (How they were and what they became)

    [size=100]Personality:[/size] (A brief outline of their demeanour.)



    [size=100]Brief History:[/size] (Any notable events in their background that might have shaped them. If you don't want to reveal too much, that's fine.)

    [size=100]Realm:[/size] (Something about the nature of the kingdom they govern.)

    (Anything else you think everyone needs to know about your character.)



    *~*~*~*~*I will be creating an Imaginaries Adoption thread, so if you are interested in being an imaginary, then you would put your character on that thread and hopefully you get adopted if not, you may choose to be one of Otherworld's more native inhabitants.

    1) Please no godmoding or powerplaying, please do not get too caught up in making your character 'win'. Even the best warrior has losses, so don't turn things into a contest.

    2) Be civil on the OOC and be patient with people in regards to posting. Real life does take a priority. That being said, if you're going to be gone a long while, then please do inform people.

    3) Make sure your character has limitations. It's a fantasy RP, so magic and fantastical things can be taken as a given, however keep in mind that even magic has its limits. If your character can heal they're not going to be able to snap their fingers and cure a mortal wound instantly, it'll take a reasonable amount of work. If they can use destructive magic, lighting a candle may be easy, but making a fireball the size of a beach ball? Much tougher on the caster.

    4) Interaction is so important and an RP is at its best when everyone is included. However it also helps having everyone pulling in the right direction. I don't mind you coming up with little sub-plots of your own, but please consider whether implementing it would be entertaining for everyone, or just a vehicle for your character.

    5) It's a harsh world so violence can be expected, and it possibly inevitable, but try not to scar anyone for life with the post content. That also goes for relationships...don't let them take over everything else..and don't post anything indecent. This isn't a bodice-ripper novel.

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