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    Empty Shell

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    Empty Shell

    Post by Sweet_Insanity92 on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:50 pm

    You love a mask,
    a lie.
    What do you really know about me?
    For there is nothing,
    just an empty shell
    with a pretty face,
    and a heart so lost
    it doesn't even know its own beat.
    You chase after me,
    and you take the pain
    of the journey to my love.
    What will you do
    when all you find is a desert?
    I am a dried up sea,
    a broken toy,
    an emotionless being,
    a nothing.
    A smile glued upon my face
    with an eternal frown behind it.
    I am a fake,
    a lie,
    an empty shell
    with nothing inside.
    An oyster with no pearl,
    a body with no soul.
    Turn back now.
    Save yourself from the pain.
    The sharp, jagged edges of my heart
    will rip you to pieces.
    I am not lovable,
    I cannot be loved.
    I am a nothing,
    just a broken shell
    with echoes of forgotten laughter.
    Do not chase after me,
    I am just a ghost with a smile
    that means nothing;
    empty, cold, fake,
    I am an empty shell
    with a pretty face,
    but that's all I am,
    that's all I'll ever be.
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    Re: Empty Shell

    Post by redabashedenigma on Mon May 09, 2011 1:46 pm

    it's not true. and we are going to figure this out. wish i had seen this when you posted it...

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