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    This is the start of a gift piece I was/am doing for someone who is a close as family.


    This is the start of a gift piece I was/am doing for someone who is a close as family.

    Post by Guest on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:25 am

    Ziggie blew the lock of light blue hair out of her eye as she continued work on her latest piece, she had only started to do art commissions as a means to make some small change whilst she was in between jobs and so far she had made over six hundred dollars in the space of 3 weeks. She hadn't expected this kind of acceptance of her work, but it came as a nice surprise.

    She straightened her back to take stock of the picture, looking down at it from a greater angle. The rough sketch had worked and now the forms of two people locked in an embrace was starting to become a lot more clear. She estimated to herself that this picture would take maybe two or three more days to finish, this included time to color and make any small tweaks to the smaller details of the picture.

    She closed her eyes and groaned softly as she felt someones arms close around her torso, just under her breasts.

    "Hey you" She said softly opening her eyes and tilting her head back, looking up into the face of her long time lover, Will. "When did you come in?" She continued, wondering why she hadn't heard the door to her room open.
    "I got back about ten minutes ago, but you seemed kinda engrossed in your work so I waited for the right moment, and this happened to be it" he said as he lent forward and kissed her upside down. She kissed him back, feeling his one day stubble rub against the underside of her nose.

    Ziggie couldn't help but giggle girlishly as he pulled away from the kiss and his arms loosened their grip around her. She pushed back her chair and stood, turning to face him, a small smile still playing across her lips. She took a couple of steps towards her man, her hips swaying, her tail following suit as she placed her hands on his hips.

    She rocked forward onto her tiptoes to get her mouth level with his, her lips were millimeters from his when a loud slam shattered the moment.

    "I'M BACK!" Came the yell from downstairs, his accent was unmistakeably British and Ziggie sighed.

    "He just had to choose that moment" She said softly as she dropped back onto her heels and rested her head against Wills' chest.

    "He's just amazing at ruining moments" Will chuckled as their roommate, Aki, stuck his head in the door.

    His black hair was sitting scruffily on his head, but in such a way that made it look as if it were styled to be so. His piercing green eyes flicked between the two, still in their embrace.

    "I did it again didn't I?" he said, a small lopsided smile forming.
    "Yeah, yeah you did" Ziggie replied looking around wills arm.

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