Poem from the past

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    Poem from the past

    Post by redabashedenigma on Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:56 pm

    i wrote this poem a few months ago, don't know why i'm sharing it. i guess let me know what you think or whatever.


    You shaped me and formed me
    And even deformed me
    But I stick through and through
    Cause I got God on my side.

    You broke me and threw me
    So all was blown away
    But it now all goes through me
    Cause I got God on my side.

    You made my eyes permentely red
    And my mind set
    But one day I'll start to see
    Cause I got God on my side.

    I'll never be like you
    I'll try my very best
    I'll hope to one day impress
    And break past you
    Cause I got God on my side.

    But you taught me
    And you showed me
    What I never wanted to be
    How I never wanted to be seen
    You first taught me
    Of the cruelity all around
    And formed my permanent frown
    You shunned me
    And stunned me
    Right in my tracks
    But at you, cruel world, I ain't never lookin back
    Cause I got God on my side.
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    Re: Poem from the past

    Post by Engi on Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:29 am

    Oh puzzles are fun.

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